Meet Nathan


About Me

Hey beautiful people! Nathan here, I’m a self taught photographer based on the beautiful North New South Wales Coast. I have always lived on the coast and have a deep love for the Ocean and Nature. You will find me road tripping and surfing, chasing waterfalls on my days off. I’m always chasing the next adventure, wherever that will take me. I appreciate all different arts, culture and people and try to express that I my work.

I’m here to create irrepeatable moments for those who are wildly in love and adventurous. I started capturing love stories in 2018 and have since then been hooked! I have found so much joy in being able to hold together moments that will be gone in seconds.

 I’m all about meeting new people, exploring, creating and capturing all the moments in between. I want to be there with you and cannot wait to meet you and hear your story.

How I Work

Let’s be real! You don’t want to look back on your photos and see all these standard wedding shots that are posed and awkward. I don’t know about you but I want REAL emotion, connection and authenticity. The best way around that is if we come into this together with the attitude of CREATING together rather than just ‘getting the photos done.’

I desire connections and emotions, and I want my photographs to contain lasting memories that will help you remember every feeling of your special day.

“Let’s focus on CREATING together rather than just ‘getting the photos done.”

I don’t arrive to a shoot with pre conceived notions or staging. What I strive to do is strip everything away.
I don’t want to miss a gem or a jewel that person is offering me... Because there’s no formula for people.
— Platon
I look for those in-between moments that can be easily missed.
— Nathan Lapham

My Philosophy

I’m not your vendor and your not my client, we’re friends! It’s simple, Friendship equals trust and trust fosters all things good! Connection, authenticity and fun! One of the greatest things about my job is making lifelong friends. When I get asked to be apart of your special day, it’s one of the greatest honours. I love working with people that I can laugh and joke with and just being real with each other. This allows all of us to create those moments that aren't staged rather natural and genuine, which I believe will create memories that are more special to look back on.